This is how it all started...


Once upon a time, there was a girl who really loved animals. She loved all of them, but dogs were especially close to her hart. The breed or the size was all the same, the dogs attracted her as a magnet. Whenever she saw one on the street, she started chatting with its owner, and followed them wistfully on their way. But unfortunately, she wasn't allowed to have one at home, because they were living in a small flat with her brothers, and despite of loving animals, her mother did not let them to have one.

As the girl was stepping into the years of adolescence, she became a bit more cunning. She tried to find a tricky solution: even if she could not have a dog, she could have other pets, so she bought a mouse, a hamster, saved a nestling, brought a kitten and a lizard home... but her mother stayed determined.

As the years passed, the small girl has grown into a woman. Now it was not banned for her to have a dog. But she was not lucky. Once, she took two tiny puppy in, and tried to find a new, loving owner to them. They have just started growing, when a new, unknown disease swept through the country, and made a terrible destruction between the dogs. The parvo did not spare these two. The veterinarian, who treated them, fell in love with them immediately, so as a compensation for the treatment, and as saying thank you for helping, the woman gifted the vet with the two puppies. After that, she bought a little english setter. In theory, it had all the necessary vaccination, the puppy cought distemper, and despite of all the efforts for seaving its life, the distemper won.

She did not want to think about dogs and puppies any more, but suddenly, an U.F.O. (Undefined Furry Object) came into her way. She took it home, of course. It soon became obvious, that the tiny „Dömper" will grow into a sizeable goofball. In a few months, it literally grew out of the flat. From this point, the road was paved for looking for a new owner. Finally, „Dömper" got loving new owners, and the woman was left alone again, without a dog. She gave up the whole „living with a dog" thing. Instead of having one, she surrounded herself with friends, who had dogs. After that, her house was always filled with quadrupeds. Once, her friends invited a new teammate, who arrived with an authority commanding, strict dobermann female. The woman stopped the in the door, saying that this is a dog, that will never put its leg into her flat. Its owner did not care, walked into the house, and said: it is not a dog. It is a doberman. The other dogs were playing with each other in the flat, and when they overtook the goal, the dobermann just grumbled, and they immediately calmed down. The woman's idea of dogs has broadened. She knew, that she can have any kind of dogs, except a doberman. Then a friend of hers asked, what she would like to get for her birthday. She answered without thinking: a dog! A few days later, someone rang the bell. It was her friend. He was shouting up to the woman (who was on her balcony), that: your dog is here! And he pointed to the park, where a tall man was standing with a... o no..but.. with a doberman. She did not want to believe her eyes, but there was no room for complaining. The old man brought the dog upstairs, to the flat of the woman, and introduced himself as Lajos Bodnar. At that time, his name did not say anything to the woman, but later on, it became obvious, that he was an old doberman owner. They became good friends, as time went by. He brought brochures and books about dobermans, and talked a lot about dog ingeneral to the woman. This 4 year old doberman was the very first, but she had already known, that she would never want to have anything else.

This woman was me.

And from this moment, dobermans became the integral part of my life. Building a good relationship with the dobermans did not go especially in a smooth way, but my determination and faith has never wavered, but intensified. Inspite of the fact, that this 4 year old male has also bitten me. I had to admit, that I had to „learn" how to deal with this kind. I became obsessed with dobermans. I saved some, brought up orphan puppies, etc. in one word: there was alwas some dogs in my flat. Once, a litter without a mom was taken to me, but I was not enough for the one day old puppies. They passed out after each other despite my efforts. With the last living puppy I visited my friend, who had earlier brought the first doberman into my flat (even if I had forbidden to him). He adviced me to get into contact with Attila Varga, the owner of the Kondorosháti dog-kennel, because he might be able to help. Well, unfortunately he was not. However, he said: look, at the moment I do not have any dogs for sale, but if you wanted one, put aside some money, and buy a puppy. As soon as I will have a new litter, I will call you. You spend money to saved dogs anyways. You have to pay for vaccination, equipment, nutrition, but you have no idea about its genetic background. It might will happen, that you will have to pay more for a vet later, than now, for a puppy with a stud book, who has born from a planned pairing. I took his advice, saved some money, and waited for his call. He got in touch with me when he had some puppies for sale. He suggested me to choose a brown male, so I chose him. I have never regretted my choice. It was a gorgeous dog, I truly loved him. We took part in dog shows, and chalked up great success. I was incredibly proud of him. The book of the well-known writer duo Bakondi Csaba - Ferencz Csaba is still meaning the highlight of my bookshelf. It is titled as: The world of dobermans in pictures, containing the picture of my beloved dog. His characteristics definitely put him into the „uneasy" category, but I also loved it in him.  Today, he would be too much for me. He was a lone wolf. Barely let anyone to step into his territory. He was a trict, authority commending dobermann. After being my faithful mate for 7 seven years, he passed away from GDV, in spite of being cautious all the time. His death terribly indisposed me, so I did not have any other dogs for ages. The picture of him is still hanging on the wall. I will never forget him.

Lots of years passed by since then. I had dogs again. But dobermann never again. His memory came to my mind regularly, and I was missing him. Later on, I had a couple. I had talked to him about dobermanns, and we had also gone to a dog show, but these dogs did not really touched him. Once, we were at an antiques exhibition, and I noticed a porcelain statue about an ugly dobermann. It had white fur on parts of its head, it was bandy-legged, and flap-eared... but it was a dobermann. I received the statue as a surprise. And from this point, it was only one step to...

Now, our life is all about dobermanns. They fill both our home, and my heart. Whenever I think back to the years we have spent without them, I feel that it was a waste of time. While I am writing these lines, one of our dobermanns is sleeping next to me. I can feel its heartbeat. In the next room, puppies are playing with each other. Their cute barking makes me smile all the time. From the noise of the passer-by walking in front of our house, the huge male grumbles, that makes me feel incredibly proud every time. Whenever I see them playing and running ouside freely, make my eyes filled with tears. It is purely magical. And when I hear their cautious steps of going on patrol in the night, I know it for sure, that it had to happen just like this. I wanted dobermanns, because they are the other half of a two piece puzzle.

Today, we live with 3 gown ups (they are serving as the basis of our rearing) and their descendants.

Our oldest dog, a gorgeus brown female comes from Istvan Macz (the owner of the Csini-Baba kennel), and called Csini-Baba Díva (Díva).

She was folloed by Tahi-Réme Padme (Carmen), from the owners of the Tahi-Réme kennel, Lajos Szabo, and Erika Szokol. She is an exceptional „personality", with an ego, that touches the sky. She is our slim, proud gypsy girl. Workaholic, with a brilliant brain. We always have to keep an eye on her.

And last, but not least, we have bought Unico Nero Di Perlanera (Uno), from Istvan Rada (owner of the Perlanera kennel. He is a royal compelling black male. We are puffed up with pride, when thinking about him.

We would like to say a huge thank you here to our three breeder friends! :)

And a last thought: if I was able to turn the wheel of time back to the past, I would have dobermanns much sooner! :)